As a punter who wants to enjoy the best offer, you should register with an online casino that is licensed under a reputable licensing authority. The licensing authority controls the activity of its licensee making sure they provide the et service to the customers. You can check 1-online-casinocanada to know more about top online casinos around the world.

Roles of Licensing Authorities

Licensing agencies have many duties first to their licensees and second to punters. One of their roles is to ensure that all their licensees comply with the rules and regulations they have set. All these rules are to ensure there is a uniform system of operation among all the gambling sites registered under them.

  1. Gibraltar Gaming Commission
  2. Malta Gambling Commission

Top licensing authorities offer some added services such as IT infrastructure services and support to punters who have issues with their gambling site. The customer support calls the attention of the gambling site the player is registered with to the issue on ground. They proffer the best possible solution to the problem of the player.

Gibraltar Gaming Commission

The licensing agency is among the foremost licensing authority around the world. They started issuing licenses to gambling sites in 1998. Some top gambling sites got their licenses of operation from Gibraltar. The official licensing authority of Gibraltar is the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. The licensing authority has a division that handles online gaming licenses.

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority have a track record of gathering the best gambling sites that provide quality gaming services to punters. So to register under the licensing agency, you have to tick all the boxes they have set. When you eventually get in. you still have to pay some membership fees to the licensing authority.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

The licensing agency was established in May 2000. Alderney Gambling Control Commission is among the top licensing agency around the world. One unique attribute they possess is transparency and fairness of operation to ensures that punters get the best gaming experience. They also ensure that operators licensed under them adhere to their rules.

Any operator that flaunts their rules and regulation will be punished duly depending on the gravity of the law they flaunt. They can get the license of any operator revoked if they are found guilty of any shady activity. Asides, protecting the right of its licensees, the licensing agency also protect the right of the punters.

UK Gambling Commission

The Uk Gambling Commission has been committed to licensing operators in the UK since 2005. The licensing agency has well-structured rules and regulation, policies cover every part of gambling online. Some of these policies that have in place are software testing, a structured auditing procedure and financial transparency. They ensure all the operators under their jurisdiction follow their policies.

  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission.
  • UK Gambling Commission

Operators licensed under the jurisdiction of UK Gambling Commission are charged an annual membership fee to cover for the services the licensing authority has provided to them for the year. Besides, operators have to pay their taxes to the appropriate office so that they can continue operation in the country where they offer gaming services.

Gambling Regulation in Malta

The UK Gambling Authority has a "white-list" that allows Maltese operators to reach out to punters in the UK. The white list will help them access information on the website of the UK Gambling Authority thereby stretching their client base to the UK. Operators choose to be licensed in Malta because of the favourable tax rates.

Operators in Malta can apply for four kinds of bonus offers in Malta - Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4. The licensing agency also opens the offer for operators that want to obtain multiple licenses. Getting multiple licenses will attract an additional cost. The licensing authority also ensures they resolve the issues of their licensees.